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Multiple Peril Crop Insurance

The property to be insured is insured’s growing crops.The period of cover commences from the emergence of the crop from the soil up to its transit to permanent storage. The cover provides protection to Physical loss of or damage to insured crops which have the potential to achieve the pre-determined long term average yield, caused by: Shortage of rainfall, windstorm, frost, excessive rainfall, uncontrollable plant diseases and uncontrollable pests,   excessive heat waves (Irrigation excluded) and hail damage.


 Extent of Cover and Sum Insured: 

This insurance has two options in cover: 

  • Option A-Production Cost Cover drought 

Production Costs (Birr/ha) X Insured Area (ha) 

  • Option B – Expected yield loss cover 

Long term average yield (tones/ha) X pre-agreed value (Birr/tone) X insured area (ha) 

Basis of Indemnity: In the event of a valid claim in terms of the policy, the payment will be based up on benchmark sites selected prior to the commencement of the policy.