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Contractors' All Risk(CAR)


Contractors' All Risk


This policy can be issued for all kinds of civil construction work, including residential and office buildings, and factories and civil engineers power plants, projects, tunnels, water supply and drainage system, harbor, roads, railways and airport canals.

The policy can be issued in the name of either the principal or the contractors engaged in the project, including sub-contractors.

Scope of cover

It provides cover towards material under construction as well as liability for third party against loss arises due to:

  • illegal actions of third parties and errors and/or negligence during construction works;
  • collapse of construction or their sections and parts, clearing of debris costs also be included;
  • provides liability insurance for third party injury or property damage arising out of the construction work;


  1. Some of the exclusions which are applying to all type of cover in the policy are:
  • War, invasion, act of foreign enemy, hostilities or war like operations etc.
  • Willful act/ negligence of insured or of his responsible representative;
  • Cessation of work whether total or partial;

       2.Some of exclusions applying to separate section of the cover are:

a) up on material damages include:

  • faulty design;
  • Consequential loss;
  • losses only discovered on taking an inventory;

b) up on liability cover includes:

  • liability in respect of loss of or damage to property belonging to the insured
  • liability of various perils, including  weakening or removal of support to other buildings;



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