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Nyala Insurance Commits to Purchase 20 Million Shares


Addis Ababa (Mar 27, 2024) -Nyala Insurance S.C (NISCO), a prominent insurance company in Ethiopia, has signed a subscription agreement with the Ethiopian Securities Exchange (ESX) to purchase 20 million Birr worth of shares.

An overview

Nyala Insurance Share Company (NISCO) was founded in July 1995 following the liberalization of the insurance business to the private sector in 1994 with the Licensing and Supervision of Insurance Business Proclamation No. 85/1994. Read more...


Apart from its major investments in real estates in the downtowns of Addis Ababa, Bahir Dar and Nazareth, Nyala Insurance selectively invests in various financial institutions like Dashen Bank, which have potentially high investment returns. Read more...


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