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Medical Assurance Cover


This policy indemnifies the insured person against the possibility of incurring expenses of medical treatment, during the period of assurance, resulting from the insured persons sustaining illness, disease and accidental bodily injury. The prospect has the option of fixing the benefit amount that he/she feels adequate to meet his/her need.Furthermore, the insured will get the chance to extend the cover with additional premium for optional Optical, Dental and Maternity benefits.

1. DENTURE & DENTAL FILLING BENEFIT:The medical assurance policy could be extended to cover denture 

      medical costs up tothe specified dental limit due to illness including:-

  • Prescribed dental filling
  • Prescribed Scaling
  • Prescribed dental replacement

2. EYEGLASS/OPTICAL BENEFIT:The medical assurance policy could be extended to  cover eye glass and

    frame costs up to the specified optical limit due to illness including;

  • Prescribed Eyeglass
  • The policy does not cover photo solar and/or Plano eye glasses

3. MATERNITY AND PREGNANCY CHECK UP:The medical assurance policy could beextended to cover 

maternity/delivery medicalcosts and pregnancy checkup costs up to the specified maternity limit including

normal and caesarian section delivery.

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